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Computer Guru has faithfully served over 2,500 clients since 2007. Whether your business is large or small we can help you. We range from maintaining entire campus wide student networks to helping that one student who couldn’t quite get Word installed. Our technicians have accumulated over 30 years of trusted experience. We have been called to be expert witnesses in the Colorado courts in cases of data recovery and expert analysis of corporate activity. All problems are large when they are happening to you. Trust that Computer Guru can help.



a thoughtful idea

Getting your computer repaired should not be a hassle. With gas prices as high as they are, the last thing you need to drive around is your computer. With The Computer Guru, LLC, there is no more need to drive your computer around to 20 different service providers. All of our clients receive free in-home pick-up and drop-off!

a meaningful impact

Our Green Initiative is proof of our company’s dedication to preserving the environment. Our company produces approximately 2.0 metric tons of carbon dioxide and waste a year. Our partnership with has allowed us to negate approximately 30 metric tons of our carbon footprint a year! .

what our customers say?

Used them for many years, They have recovered my Companies data, removed virus’s and fixed our networks always fast and easy to deal with.
I’ve been using Computer Guru for the last 9 mo’s or so and must say that I have had such remarkable response for so many problems – big and small. They most times will help me just figure

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