Virus/Adaware/Spyware/Malware Detection And Removal

Is your system infected by a computer virus?

Here is a recently published list of the top 10 signs that you computer system or computer network is infected by a virus.

– Your system frequently shuts down spontaneously, even if you don’t use it.
– Your internet connection slows to a crawl even while you are not doing anything significant.
– Your Virus scanner crashes and cannot be started again.
– You are no longer able to visit Anti Virus sites.
– Your hard disk fills up and you can’t find the files that use up all the disk space.
– Your system all for sudden attempts to connect to random IRC servers.
– Your mail server is extremely busy processing outbound mail.
– Nightly incremental backups are all for sudden much larger than usual.
– New user accounts show up and nobody knows who added them.
– A given server (web/ftp/mail) keeps crashing for no apparent reason.

These are just a few signs that your computer system or business network may be infected by a virus. Often, systems that are infected with one computer virus will spread that virus to more systems on your network. Furthermore, virus outbreaks are commonly followed by similar viruses that exploit the same vulnerability which compounds containing virus outbreaks on unprotected systems. Because of this, virus removal can be a very complicated process.

Computer Guru LLC can help remove computer viruses from your business network, servers and workstations. After completely removing the virus from your systems, we will help establish an Antivirus Solution that will protect you from future virus outbreaks.